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    Chlory is back!

    Ready for a puzzle action? Try out Chlory: Enemy Rush with all new features and challenge modes. Avaliable in Appstore and Google Play.

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    Candy Hunting

    Tired of endless 3-matching games? Here's a new social casual game for you. Just a moment away from the official release, coming fall 2014. Stay tuned!

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    Chlory 2012

    Thank all of you for playing Chlory: Prologue & Chlory:Ocean Guard. More than hundreds of thousands puzzle players liked Chlory so far. Top ranked at both Appstore and Google play store in 2012.

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    Last Minute Cashier

    It is only a minute left to close your store. Customers are still in the queue. Do you think you can satisfy your boss & customers at the same time? See how you can manage. Absolutely addictive!

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Chlory returns

The beloved Chlory returns with all new features in August 2014. Helpless Chlory is more desperate than ever. Defend King Chlory from enemy rush!

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The Candy Hunting

Heard about trees with full of yummy candies? Stuffed candy bears are ready to hunt for more yummies. Grow your candy tree and hunt for more candies.

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Last Minute Cashier

It's 11:59 - a minute to close the store. See how well you can manage your customers in the crunch time. Everybody knows how to do it, but not all do well.

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